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Ace Player HD Download

Ace Player HD
Ace Player HD Download

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ACE HD player is based on VLC Media player with support for the BitTorrent protocol streaming HD video and TV.

VLC clone with BitTorrent (Function () {(' study-Application-site-Desktop ');});
HD player Ace (aka Ace Flow) is VLC. The addition of BitTorrent support allows you to stream HD content such as movies, shows or sports matches.
In addition, it basically offers the same features as VLC:

Record video from various sources (including webcams)

Synchronisation of audio, video and subtitles

The ability to add logos or water

Capturing frames during playback

Multimedia format Converter

The video player is incomplete or damaged

Playlist Manager

Video viewers, online radio and podcasts

Between the same faces as VLC
ACE Player HD has a simple interface, with support for many languages and rich in functionality. The player is customizable with skins designed for VLC Media Player.
Where the player ace distinctive mark VLC is stability and performance. The main game players audio and video formats without problems, including MP3, AVI, WAV, DVD, FLV and MKV, FLAC, without the need to install the codec.
Playback performance and image quality are excellent. One thing that can be improved, however, is speed buffering.
ACE Player HD Open links that start acestream://Popular sites to watch streaming TV and sports. Slack Romeo Download Torrent
It can be used directly in the browser (via a plugin), or from the program itself.
Stability and breeding depend to a great extent on your Internet connection and how many people are connected to it (more is better). Each user shares some files to help distribute other files faster.

End of the word
ACE Player HD is amplified by the support of the BitTorrent version of VLC. It allows you to use it as a solid player P2P HD TV program and became classic Media player.


Ace Player HD