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Bus Simulator 16 64-Bit

Bus Simulator 16
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Bus Simulator 16 is a game that deals with driving a SIM game in which you can get the role of the bus driver responsible for carrying passengers safely and exactly around five different, realistic city counties. As your career progresses, you will raise more money, unlock new ads and decorate for your buses, and get a new next best thing for real (function () {("View-application-page-desktop");});
Bus Simulator 16 is a very thorough game, with the correct controls on your bus meticulously reproduced. Sophisticated controls can be used for it, but if you're patient, you'll get them. AnyDesk 32 Bit
You should be careful driving, but you still have to be careful. Deviations and other hazards can change your route. And your passengers can cause you trouble. You will have to sell them on the right cards and make sure that you indulge them by extending the ramp of the wheelchair, etc. Making money and completing the bus will open up more commercial buses. You can decorate the bus in style, although you will not have a great chance to admire them behind the wheel.

It's all fun to be a bus driver.
Like most simulation games, the bus simulator 16 has a little strong complaint. If you have ever wanted to be a bus driver, this is a game for you, but you can not apply to many people.

This is the first simulation of the popular German intercity bus. In collaboration with Fliksbus, the free Fernbus simulator for Trenat was designed to appear in a great detail, the daily life of the German coach Autobahn and highways, while located in over 40 cities. With the help of Fernbus simulator, you can experience life, as he has lived every day from modern and older people, coaches and bus stations that are a long distance from all kilometres of Germany road to Flikbus and over 40 German cities. So the individual laps are not too long, the timeThe simulator will pass on a scale of 1:10. You can navigate through the complex road and Autobahn network to various bus stops that are located in over 40 cities and remain in constant communication with the bus station and the coach headquarters. Accidents, congestion and construction sites challenge your role as a bus driver if you want to keep the time (function () {(/"View-App-page-desktop");}); It concludes that the people on the buses are equipped with all the features found in the original and the inner bus, in the model for the best detail. Fernbus Simulator offers a realistic atmosphere of original and original travel messages. The buses in the simulator are tested and optimised by real driving instructors and bus drivers.

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Bus Simulator 16