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Wildebeest Hunting

The wildebeest or gnu, as it is also known, is one tough antelope when it comes to absorbing lead.

Bubye Valley

One of the Largest in Africa.

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Cameroon is also referred to as "Little Africa" due to its' diversity of habitat; rain forest, forest glades with savannah and savannah with bushveld. Cameroon, like the Central African Republic and Tanzania, is a historically significant hunting destination in Africa.

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Ethiopia covers a large portion of the Horn of Africa and shares borders with Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, and Djibouti. For decades Ethiopia has been a legendary hunting destination, especially famous for its Elephants.

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It's been 500 years since the first Europeans arrived in Mozambique. In 1498, six years after the discovery of America, the Portuguese landed in Mozambique and remained there for the ensuing half-millennium until granting Mozambique its independence in 1975.

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Namibia, formerly known as South West Africa, has a rich and interesting history. At one time the British Empire took partial possession of Namibia and later the Germans colonized the country until the First World War.

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South Africa

South Africa tops the list for the most Biodiverse country in Africa, ranking 13th in the world. Ranging from dessert to marshland, savannah to the forest, and mountain to coastal. Populated by a huge collection of wildlife species from the Big 5, Leopard, Lion, Rhino, Buffalo and the majestic Elephant

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Of all the African hunting countries, Tanzania is without a doubt the one that most stimulates the imagination of hunters and non-hunters alike. This former German colony once known as Tanganyika became an English territory after the First World War.

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The history of Zambia is closely linked with that of its neighbor, Zimbabwe (formerly known as Rhodesia). In 1953 the British government created the Federation of Rhodesia Nyasaland consisting of Southern Rhodesia, Northern Rhodesia (modern-day Zambia) and the Nyasaland (modern-day Malawi).

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Zimbabwe, a landlocked country in the Southern part of Africa and is Home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, The Victoria Falls. It has the largest man-made lake in the world, Lake Kariba. Second, only to Botswana (133 000), Zimbabwe boasts a population of approximately 68 000 Elephant.

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