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Lion Hunting

Take a tour.

Trophy Animals

Find more bird species under our trophy animals

Wildebeest Hunting

The wildebeest or gnu, as it is also known, is one tough antelope when it comes to absorbing lead.

Bubye Valley

One of the Largest in Africa.


Instagram x64-x86 download

Instagram x64-x86 download

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Instagram for Windows, you can sync your computer to a Instagram application that's installed on your mobile device. It also allows you to apply several special effects and share them with family friends on their own social network – or through other social networks. This is an excellent choice for Flickr with a broader audience of 800 000 000 more for users and waste users;

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Instagram has a Facebook feed where you can see all the pictures you download, the people you are tracking, even the place and specific signs Haven to get the right look at what is happening. If that's not enough to find the pictures you want, you can also search for pictures, names, tags, and locations.

The best thing about Instagrams are the filters included in the program. There are 27 that are selected from (recently added, Horna, Reyes and Juno) with different color effects,Brightness and enlightenment. If chosen wisely, you can have really amazing results. All these filters can now be modified using Image editor (see what's new), which is incredibly intuitive.

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