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Lion Hunting

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Trophy Animals

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Wildebeest Hunting

The wildebeest or gnu, as it is also known, is one tough antelope when it comes to absorbing lead.

Bubye Valley

One of the Largest in Africa.

South African Camps


The Eastern Cape, Buffalo Ranch, provides the hunter with some of the most naturally rugged Free Range hunting you could experience in the Karoo. Not only is the area abundant in game, but also in it’s beauty. As you crest one valley onto open the vastness of the plateau sprawling in game and descend into another valley to get to the next. Winters are cold, with driving winds, which are to be expected in the mountains, but the warm homely feel of the lodge soon melts your day into night.


The Eastern Cape, Murray Lodge, provides the hunter with some of the most luxurious accommodation along with excellent dinners backed by a warm fire. A common feature in most eastern cape free-range areas as the weather in winter can come with a biting wind. Not only is Murray Lodge the perfect hunting venue, but may also serve as a get away for a few days for the pure pleasure of game viewing a variety of different animal species.