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My first encounter with Bruce Watson was in 2009 at Safari Club in Reno, Nevada. I was coming off a safari in Tanzania where I was unsuccessful in acquiring a lion trophy. After a little investigation I found that Bruce had an opening for a lion hunt in Rifa, Zimbabwe in 2010 where a monster lion had been taken. I booked the hunt with Bruce and from here on out I’ve never hunted a safari in Africa for dangerous game without him. I took a big male lion in Rifa and later booked a Namibia bull elephant hunt a few years later with another professional hunter but hired Bruce as well for his judgement of trophies and ability to back me and my brother on our hunt. I had the opportunity to hunt in Africa since the age of twelve. Spoiled as I may have been, I have hunted with some very famous professional hunters. Terry Palmer and Rolf Trappe were possibly the most notable; I have hunted with other great professional hunters as well. That being said I only hunt dangerous game with Bruce now and will continue to do so. My fourth safari with Mr. Watson will be in Cameroon in 2018 and I’m looking forward to the second best shot in Zimbabwe to have my back. Bruce and my family have over the years become more than a client/professional hunter relationship. My brother has gone on numerous more safaris with him than I have. We now don’t even consider hiring anyone else but Bruce even if it is to a country that he doesn’t normally hunt in. His vast knowledge of the African continent ensures we are going to have a safe and great trip. When we want to obtain a new species we just call the man. I feel as if I’m hiring my hunting buddy. If you have any concerns about hunting with my friend or any of the services he provides please don’t hesitate to contact me.



If you are looking at this webpage, chances are you are looking for a good, reputable professional hunter. You don’t need to look any further. You have found him!. I first started hunting with Bruce during the year 2010. Luke Blackbeard introduced my brother and me to him at the SCI convention in 2009, when my brother booked a lion hunt with Bruce for the following season. Since then, I have been on a dozen safaris with Bruce. This is due to the fact that not only is he a very competent and capable hunter, but he has also become a very good friend. After my brothers Lion safari, I booked my first Elephant with him. Bruce suggested that I might enjoy the long walks, as well as watching Calvin, his main tracker, at his best. May I say, he was right? Calvin is something else. He reads the information from the earth like a book. Bruce isn’t too shabby either. We had a great time and harvested a beautiful bull. It was during this Safari that I confessed to Bruce, my will to take the Big 5 with a Bow. I explained my preference on hunting free-range wild animals and Bruce did not even hesitate. “No problem”, he said. “We would hunt the cats over bait at night.” I then explained my maximum effective range at night with a bow and arrow was about 25 yards. “That will make it a bit more difficult, but we can do it,” he said. So I booked a combo Leopard + Buffalo hunt for the following year, and Bruce and I have started the arduous task of taking The Big 5 with a bow. Since then, after many safaris and lots of obstacles we have managed to scratch 4 of them off of my list. Only the Elephant remains, and I will be hunting that with Bruce in the near future. It has been one awesome journey after another. On many occasion, especially during the Lion hunts, I felt some serious fear, but never felt like I was in danger as Bruce is always there watching your back. He is an incredible marksman, with just about any weapon there is as well as extremely knowledgeable in the bush and he speaks several African languages. His skill set not only makes you feel safe and secure on safari, but his knowledge of the Flora and Fauna makes your safari that much more enjoyable. However, I must warn you, Hunting with Bruce, in Africa in general is very addictive. As I am writing this, I am getting my ducks in a row for a hunt with Bruce in Cameroon (18th January 2018) with Bruce. We are going to try for a Lord Derby Eland, with (you guessed it) a bow. In conclusion, for a dancer Bruce Watson is one heck of a hunter. You would be choosing wisely to book a Safari with him, and will not be disappointed.